Designing, Developing and Manufacturing advanced polymer products.

Helping the motorsport and defence industry with non-linear polymer analysis that delivers expert solutions fast.

What we do

Design Consultancy

Non-linear Analysis

Material Testing


Rotary Shaft Seal Testing

An engineer removing a motorsport component from a mold.

Delivering world-class design in rapid time.

Active Polymer provides advanced analysis, design and production to create bespoke rubber products of the highest quality and efficiency.

We’ve helped high-end clients over the world with our advanced Finite Element Analysis software, fixing problems and moving their projects forward faster.


World-class design with the support to match.

We create tailored polymer products built specifically for your project. Our whole process is managed in-house by a team driven to achieve results, with a commitment to intricate design and fast turnaround.

Experienced, professional and committed to success – our team have proven their unrivalled ability. Now it’s time for us to show you what we can do.

What we do

Machine for rotary shaft seal testing.

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