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Intricate, bespoke rubber design

We create bespoke solutions to difficult problems, offering reliable rubber design, development and manufacture whilst ensuring your project is kept on schedule.

When a client has a problem, we take time to understand it, get all the information we need and then get to work solving it. We will test current designs and explore where it’s failing, before creating a design that does work. All analysis, reporting and designing are completed in-house, giving you confidence that your solution is reliable and optimised for your project.

Why use us

We’ve got a wealth of intricate knowledge surrounding polymers, meaning our solutions can be trusted. We research and plan before designing using our advanced FE software, reducing any risk of time-costly redesigns and reruns.

Many of our clients have worked with us over a number of years, thanks to the level of service we provide. It’s our aim to build long-term relationships with every customer and ensure their projects are getting parts that achieve the level of quality they deserve.

As one of the only polymer design, development and manufacturing experts in the UK, our clients trust us to deliver – and we do. Working with some of the motorsport and defence industry’s biggest names, our solutions can be found all over the world.

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