Non-linear Analysis

Non-linear analysis of a polymer product.

Non-linear analysis experts

When you’re working with an intricate design, there’s no margin for error. Non-linear analysis (NLA) is a software that allows us to simulate working parts, analyse strengths and weaknesses as well as explore potential improvements. As a result, we design and implement better, more effective solutions that won’t let you down.

NLA technology is often expensive – and many companies won’t want to have the software in-house. That’s why we’re trusted by teams all over the world to conduct an in-depth analysis on their behalf, offering solutions that are thorough, bespoke and reliable.

Why use us

We help clients understand why they had problems with their design. Our team can identify and explain issues as well as create optimised solutions that remove the problem entirely.

If your project has been held back by an acute problem, we can help get you back on schedule. You will benefit from getting new parts that work first time, thanks to our advanced NLA diagnostics and extensive experience in design, development and manufacture.

Throughout working with us, you’ll be partnered with professionals that have helped some of the world’s biggest brands achieve solutions that can be found in products all over the globe.

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