Material Testing

A machine testing the strength of a material.

A process that’s proven to deliver

The first step to offering solutions to your problems is understanding where the issues are. Our material testing offers insight into your products and allows us to find the specific data required to fix inadequacies and create a product that fulfils its duty.

We offer bespoke material testing that provides real-life use emulation. Materials are tested to the states of strain they are likely to see within their usage. This means we provide only the most relevant information specific to your requirements, allowing for the build of a fully tailored new solution.

Why use us

Our team has grown rapidly, bringing in expertise from specialists in every corner of our industry. Thanks to this experience, we understand how analysis really works – and deliver tailored testing that guarantees improvement in quality.

You’re in safe hands, and can rely on Active Polymer to analyse your product thoroughly, showing you what works and offering areas for improvement too. As a result, many of our clients have worked with us for a number of years.

We’re always looking to build long-term relationships with clients who value quality and want to experience our personal commitment to your project’s success.

A machine used to test materials before production.

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