An engineer producing a polymer motorsport component.

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Whilst we help many clients with their design and testing, we also handle the production of our bespoke products in-house. We have advanced machinery that is capable of handling large batch runs, alongside an experienced team of production managers.

After designing products for our clients, it can move into the production process within the same building. This means our carefully crafted designs are then produced and tested by the same team that oversaw their design. As a result, your product will benefit from increased reliability and faster turnaround time.

Why use us

100% accuracy in design and development is not something many companies can boast. But when our team manage the entire lifecycle of your product, it’s what we can guarantee.

You can expect your products to be completed within 4 weeks of development starting, meaning your project gets back on track faster and you’re not held up by unreliable providers.

Our products can be found all over the globe. We are UK based but trusted by brands far and wide thanks to our commitment to quality and delivery.

Trays of polymer products in part of a production line.

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